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Drum and bass in Dublin

Beginning Drum and Bass in Dublin

With the grow of immigrants coming to Dublin, also music came with different preferences into Ireland. The largest drum and bass scene is definitely in Dublin, and it is still growing. A few years ago you would hardly find anything about drum and bass in Dublin, but taste of people around the world is changing all the time. First wave came with electronic styles such as trance, house, techno and drum and bass in Dublin was a very unusual concept, style of music in this part of world. Later rave young people from different countries began to organize a little partyís around and drum and bass in Dublin began to grow.

Popularity of drum and bass and large commercial peak runs in parallel with several other domestic dance styles in the Dublin, including big beat and hard house. But towards the millennium change, it was considered that Drum and bass in Dublin and its popularity was declining, but the true is that drum and bass in Ireland has just become more and more popular due to several hits. Although the separation of other sub genres and related styles, such as liquid funk brought a wave of new artists, including new ideas and techniques which promote the continuous evolution of the genre. Still drum and bass is increasingly appearing in mainstream media and popular culture including television, as well as the main point for subsequent genres like grime and dubstep, thanks to successful performers as Rudimental, DJ Fresh, Chase & Status and Pendulum.

SCM Rise

Springfield crew massive history is dating back to early 2006 when Erik DJ CHMOND bought his first 1210s decks and started to play Drum and bass in Dublin for himself and his house mates in his living room. Drum&bass music was also a big passion of his housemate Jiri ( DJ CHEM ), who immediately started buying records and guys started to play together. Not long after constant sound of Drum and bass was coming out of this house in Dublinís dead end street called Springfield, another future member of the crew has arrived to Dublin named Luke Psy.Co. He spent his whole childhood hanging around the club that he helped to build in his hometown in Slovakia, which was mecca of drum and bass in this country, so Dublin drum and bass scene has already 3 hard core dnb soldiers ready to rock the place.

They started to organize parties in small pub called Blue Goose on the river side of Liffey river in Dublin city center, starting with only few friends and slowly but surely began to grow their Dublin Drum and bass base. Because the scene of Drum and bass in Dublin is not at all big, it was very hard to get more people attending the gigs, but with hard work and fresh new enthusiastic members they got involved in the crew, they slowly grew up. With another members like Mistaflip, Joker 666 and Jula SCM, they stared to grow up, changing venues to bigger ones and inviting bigger international acts.

But not all good times last forever, and the time for the change has come. DJ CHMOND and DJ CHEM decided to come back to their roots, started to live family lives, yet still playing drum and bass for their own and occasionally joining SCM on their tours around Europe and also coming back to perform for their Dublin drum and bass fans and friends. This was quite a shock for Dublin drum and bass, but the fact that two key members of Springfield Crew Massive were leaving Ireland has not broken them apart, yet Luke and Jula SCM kept on organizing gigs and started to grow even bigger.

Drum and bass DJís in Dublin hosted by SCM

In 2014 and 2015 they took another few more talented Dublin Drum and bass and jungle DJs under their SCM wings and blasted off the nights that Dublin drum and bass scene hasnít seen in long time, throwing parties with names like AUDIO UK, Aphrodite, Anile, Black Sun Empire, B-complex, Ed RUsh, BTK, Rido, Mob Tactics, whole LET IT ROLL Crew Suki, Pixie, Bifidus Aktiff, Kato, and not only drum and bass DJs but also Jungle and Ragga jungle legends like Serial Killaz, Marcus Visionary, Jacky Murda, Top Cat, Mr. Williamz, Aries, just to name a few.

Now Springfield Crew Massive with 5 resident DJs and promoters Ė Luke Psy.Co., Jula SCM, Bastos, Jahmonk, Madkilla and their MC and vocalist Mc Kenna and Enka doing their job in entertaining Dublin drum and bass crowds and will keep on bringing more and more Acts and get involved in more projects likes of Tekno Republic and collaborations with other crews like Energy Collective, Northside Jungle Collective, Galway based Puzzle Crew or Irish Underground Sound.